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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Suggest a Blog

Comment on this page to suggest a blog. I cannot promise I'll add it because I've found some blogs are too annoying and are updated 6 times a day.


Matthew said...

Nice blog here. I would suggest

Hope you'll like it!

Mark said...

i'm going to engage in shameful blog plugging and kindly request that you add my blog to the list.

Dispensing With Sanity @


.: Lowly :. said...

I just started blogging and am sharing it more for the sake of getting it out there. I don't really expect it to make the list since it's so new, but exposure is exposure!

- lowly

jess said...

Nice aggregator, kid. Let me show you mine.

the technician extraordinaire said...

I'm going to suggest my own as most other commenters have -

USP 797 : said...

I would like to suggest a blog on the subject of usp 797: Thanks,

jazdmarkets said...

Dear sir,

I have recently visited your blog and I also have three blogs related to healthcare and

lifesciences and chemicals. So, I want that you will place our links on your blog blogroll

section and then I will place your links also on our B2B portals .

The links are given below:

Once you will place our links, then please inform me by giving a mail. As soon as I recieve

your mail, I will place your links to my Directories.

Thank you
Anoop Kumar

Nathan said...

Might as well give my blog a go for this roll:

jingram said...

Good aggregator.
I would suggest Pharmaceutical Business Review.(

PBR is a definitive point of reference for the pharmaceutical industry: from expert opinion, to detailed research reports and industry analysis. You can take a look at our website: Our website has up-to-date industry news on the pharmaceutical sector and you may find some interesting news articles.

Anonymous said...

Here are a few:

The Redheaded said...

I just want to post to request the addition of my blog to the list:


PharmacistScott said...

Meer said...

This aggregator is a good way to sample many of the pharmacy blogs in the blogosphere. I recently started a pharmacy blog from a student perspective. Take a look and add it to your aggregator when you get a chance.

Pharmacy Fu: Mastering the Art and Science of Pharmacy Practice @

idc5 said...

Pre-Pharmacy Blog. Pharmacy School Admissions

dave said...

How about this new site to help with obtaining pharmacy technician certification??

Still a work in progress but come check it out.


Pharma Crunch said...

Nice work by your site.

Good collection & aggregates.

I would like to suggest Pharma Crunch (, India's leading Pharma Professionals Hub.

Martin Claybold said...

You do have a very nice concept of promoting the blogs! My best wishes.

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lastrefills said...

Just to shamefully push my pharmacy blog:

thank you, @lastrefills

weerah said...

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drew said...

You could add which has a Pharmacy Technician Training program.

tim said...

Hello, please add

It has helped me find a pharmacy school in a good location. They have a cool score that is placed on each school based on how 'walkable' it is to nearby stores, dining, entertainment, etc. Please check it out and let others know about it!

thecandidpharmacist said...

Good site. I hope you will consider adding my blog Pharmacy Warrior at

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